Friday, September 2, 2011

Vote Today!

I Love My Librarian Award
Nominations for the 2011 award are now open! 
Visit to nominate your librarian. The I Love My Librarian Website says:
“There are more than 122,000 libraries nationwide, and librarians touch the lives of the people they serve every day.  The award encourages library users like you to recognize the accomplishments of exceptional public, school, college, community college, or university librarians.  We want to hear how you think your librarian is improving the lives of the people in your school, campus or community.”
Help a librarian win the 2011 I Love My Librarian Award!  Nominate your favorite librarian for a chance to win! Click on to nominate-your-college-community-college-or-university-librarian!  Nominations for 2011 stay open through September 12

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