Friday, October 7, 2011

WEPA printing comes to the Library.

WEPA PRINT BETTER -- A new rectangular fixture can be visible all over campus. With its bold maroon and black hawk graphics and computer screen you may have wondered what its purpose was. This cost saving and paper saving device is a special printing kiosk. This new way to print has several options: Direct printing from a computer to any of the multiple stations on campus, by inserting your jump drive, or by sending a job from your Smart Phone. The library has 3 stations for your convenience, two on the main floor (one in the reference computer lab and one near the front computer section), and one on the basement level near the Media Center. Support or other questions can be answered by calling 877-GET-WEPA or visiting

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  1. These kiosks will offer students the ability to print from anywhere – home computer, laptop, or USB at a kiosk,