Friday, February 17, 2012

Technology Improvements

New this semester in the Frederick Douglass Library is a 47 inch monitor, which will be located in the front of the library on the first floor.  The monitor will greet our patrons with the latest in library activities and upcoming functions.  It will present slide shows of events that have taken place in the past as well as those happening at the moment.  The monitor’s secondary function serves as a communication device utilized by Campus Police in case of campus emergencies. Campus Police will have the ability to flash emergency instructions across the screen when and if a situation arises.
Also located in the lobby area will be the new 32” TV screen.  The TV screen will televise the current national news via CNN.  Since it is connected thru campus cable services, whenever there are functions on campus that are being televised, they will be shown across this TV screen as well as the 32” TV screen located at the Media Center Desk.
New in the Frederick Douglass Library are two new 42 inch monitors and computers located in the 2nd floor Group Study Room and the ground floor Group Study Room.  This brings our grand total to 4 Group Study Rooms equipped with large screen monitors and computers.  Also located in the Graduate Group Study room is a similar 42 inch monitor and computer.
So just know that all of these changes and advances here at the Frederick Douglass library are made with you in mind.  Now we can better serve you personally, as we advance globally.
--Tod Armstrong, IT Support Associate

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